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Turn back the clock.

Agenda : Move to World War II



The year is 1931. Forced peace treaties are no longer enough to keep the cracks in Europe from widening. Nations are driven to desperation by the worst economic crisis the world has seen. With a bloody war looming over the global community, can the newly formed democratic, capitalist, and communist states survive the ultimate test? This year, the Group of 8 invites you to turn back the clock. With the ability to rewrite history as we know it, in your hands is the power to resculpt the most pivotal and ominous years of modern history. With unending crises nipping at your heels, will you allow vengeance poison the delicate, new-found spirit of international amity? Or will your country lead the world into a new age of diplomacy and peace?

Prateek Wadhavkar_Chair_G8 (1).jpg

          Prateek Wadhavkar: Chair

A gifted debater, Prateek Wadhavkar is a veteran MUN delegate and has been awarded numerous titles including ‘Best Delegate’. Furthermore, as a council member, Prateek is adept at facing challenges. These experiences, along with Prateek’s fanatical enthusiasm for history and politics make him the perfect chair for G8.



Shahzad Panthaki_Vice-Chair_G8.jpg

       Shahzad Panthanki: Vice Chair

Passionate and focused, Shahzad Pathanki has won esteemed awards at several MUNs. Having been appointed to several leadership positions, he is also an adept pioneer. Shahzad’s experiences, advanced skill set and friendly nature ensure that the G8 experience will be like none other.

Shubhi Ratra_Moderator_G8.jpg

          Shubhi Ratra: Moderator

Shubhi Ratra is a determined debater and a confident orator. She has participated in various MUNs and has been recognised for her talents and efforts in each. She is driven and meticulous, and values team spirit and inclusion.

Rajvi Sanghvi_Rapporteur_G8.jpg

      Rajvi Sanghavi: Rapporteur

Inquisitive and knowledgeable, Rajvi is an avid reader of historical and political literature. Her goal orientated nature and past experiences as a council member make her a strong, decisive and confident leader.

Svanik Surve_R&D_G8.jpg

        Svanik Surve: R&D Head

A keen history student, Svanik Surve embodies what it means to be a researcher. His numerous research endeavors - internships, and courses and debates - have compounded his knowledge and refined his research skills - making him methodical, creative and tenacious.

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