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Kunal Pai: Head

Spontaneous and bold, Kunal Pai has extremely ambitious plans for this year’s Night Crisis. Armed with strong debating and research skills, he was awarded an Honourable Mention at an international MUN. His goal: reek absolute chaos in each committee.

Aryamaan Mimani: Sub-Head

Passionate and practical, Aryamaan has taken part in various MUNs. As Crisis Committee Sub-head, he will bring the unconventional, the unimaginable and the new to your committee. With him in your committee, there is no room for complacency.

Aditya Shah: Sub-Head


Having extensive MUNning experience, Aditya is interested in exploring the new boundaries that foreign policy can be pushed to. As Crisis Sub-Head, he looks at a crisis from the perspective every country in committee and make the unexpected happen.



Sarah Arora: Head

Resourceful and dedicated, Sarah’s friendly attitude makes her the ideal head for this department. Her keen interests in organizing and marketing, along with her background in business provide her with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Aryan Desai: Head

Aryan’s charming and intuitive personality have helped him gain success at numerous levels. His experience also landed him the position on the marketing team of a successful hospital. His technologically savvy mindset creates the perfect base for IYC 2018.

Ishika Vanwari: Head

Committed and enthusiastic, Ishika is someone always seen interacting and networking with others. Her extensive background in marketing has made her an efficient communicator and a personable team player. Her frequent participation in MUNs renders her with a deeper understanding of what it takes to lead a department.

Public Relations


Dhvanit Doshi: Head

As a part of the marketing team of two film production companies, Dhvanit Doshi has extensively honed his marketing skills in professional and competitive settings. This and his extroverted and persuasive personality coupled with his significant experience in MUNs make him the ideal leader for this department.

                 Shlok Shah: Head

Shlok Shah is no stranger to the field of public relations, having worked significantly in several related disciplines like marketing, leadership and public speaking. He truly knows and understands what the department and his team require.



            Siddharth Ananth: Head

Determined and dependable, Siddharth Ananth has experience working alongside the CNBC graphics team and Quodeck game design team. He has also worked with organisations such as SEENCH and Science Alive, and has previously attended various MUNs.

                Sparsh Bohra: Sub-Head

From writing in code since the 8th grade to developing games for multiple platforms, Sparsh Bohra is inquisitive and ambitious, and has all the qualities required to fulfill his role as the Sub- Head of Technology.

                Pratham Darooka:  Sub-Head

Proactive and industrious, Pratham is well versed in multiple coding languages, and has experience in the development of websites and games. He has a thriving interest in gaming, and has been developing applications since the 7th grade.



                  Adnan Khan: Head

Adnan Khan is a visionary with future aspirations of becoming a filmmaker. His interest in directing was piqued at a young age when he began to produce home videos of his day to day life. He has created a short film that featured in 3 local theatres in Canada and has taken various filmmaking courses to pursue his passion.

             Rohan Agarwal: Head

Rohan Agarwal is a versatile director constantly looking to broaden his horizons by seeking out various editing opportunities. Having directed 3 short films in the past, he continues to strive to further develop his expertise in the field of videography.



              Rushil Bhatia: Head

With a vast MUNning experience, Rushil Bhatia is incredibly well versed in the complexities and particulars of the MUNning world. A confident leader with a strong creative side, he is now on a quest to capture and bring to surface the few crucial moments that wreak chaos in committees.

        Isha Muthusubramanian: Head

A natural photographer, Isha prefers to see the world through her lens. Having attended several photography courses, she possesses the knowledge essential in ensuring that her creations are sharp and hard-hitting. After being a photographer at IYC 2017, Isha plans to use her camera once again this year as a weapon to capture IYC 2018 in its truest form.

Art and Design


Jay Kanchankoti: Head

His deep interest for sports inspired him to create and develop his very own website to create a channel for sports enthusiasts. Having an impeccable balance of logic and creativity, Jay is an extremely artistic individual.

               Sarah Sadh: Sub-Head

Sarah Sadh is a spirited and passionate artist who has explored various mediums of art, including digital designs, oil paints and sculptures. She developed a keen interest in art at the
tender age of 4 and pursued her dream by taking art classes to enhance her abilities. She recently finished a mural worth 5 months of unwavering dedication and hard work.

       Muskaan Thackeray: Sub-Head

Having founded and lead her own non-profit organisation, Muskaan has used her creative side to promote the importance of art. Her lively spirit and unique vision have unsurprisingly won her several awards at a variety of art competitions.



            Aakash Chauhan: Head

Aakash Chauhan’s extensive experience in MUNning, coupled with his real life knowledge of the complex world of finance and leadership experience as Head Boy make him the model Head of Finance. He was chosen to be a part of the finance and marketing team for the FRC team 6024, and managed to raise over INR 2,000,000 through sponsorships.

              Aryaman Gupta: Head

A school topper in Economics, Aryaman has interned in the Finance and Management departments of reputed firms and has an ongoing engagement of handling the marketing and finance of a Green Energy startup. His methodical work ethic and keen interest in Mathematics make him apt for the position of Head of Finance.

          Vatsal Kothari: Sub-Head

Ambitious and prudent, Vatsal Kothari has participated in various MUNs and been awarded for the same. He has been actively involved in numerous debates and mock Stock Exchanges. His advanced Fund Management skills paired with his resilient and innovative nature make him indispensable to the Finance team.



               Tanya Vohra: Head

Tanya Vohra is a meticulous and hard-working leader, as well as a former member of the student council. She is an approachable perfectionist who won the rest until the job is done. The
numerous MUNs she has attended make her perfect for the position of the Head of Logistics.

               Deveshi Kumar: Head

Deveshi Kumar’s experience in leadership positions have enabled her to not only conduct and communicate with her team efficiently but have also infused a passion for meeting new people into her. Diligent and committed, her goal is to ensure that she lives up to the expectations of
her role as Head of Logistics.

            Harsimar Arora: Sub-Head

Harsimar Arora has participated in a myriad of MUNs to enhance her debating skills. She is a principled communicator with extensive student council experience. She possesses excellent organisational skills and is always well prepared, efficient and quick on her feet.


IMG-20180801-WA0000 (1).jpg

              Karan Kochhar: Head

Being a highly gifted sportsman, Karan Kochhar understands the value of discipline, punctuality and order. His hard-working and dedicated nature will ensure that IYC 2018 runs smoothly and safely.

              Dhruv Mehta: Sub-Head

Energetic and enthusiastic, Dhruv Mehta is a passionate sportsman who strongly believes in team spirit and coordination. His experience as an organising committee member at several other events provides him with the skills that make him the ideal Sub-Head for the Department
of Security.

          Advait Kapadia: Sub-Head

Armed with a scientific and analytical mind, Advait Kapadia is a seasoned and spirited sportsman. As an established football player and mixed martial arts trainee he has a strong sense of discipline and commitment to his work.

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