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Shape the narrative, change the world. 



In a world of open information, where everyone has a voice, will yours be heard? Global crises and policy changes occur at breakneck speed, shaking the foundations of every nation. To uncover the truth behind the jargon and diplomacy, the press must be faster than the incoming news. Far from just reporting and photographing what happens, the voice of the press can bolster a regime, or topple it. Ruthless dictator or brave leader? You decide. The media has always been a catalyst for revolution, and now with a phone in every hand and information speed higher than ever, the press has never been more powerful.


            Nakshatra Akella: Head

An MUN aficionado, Nakshatra is a budding journalist. Not only has she written articles and poems for numerous news platforms but she has also interned as a content writer and editor at BBC Worldwide. Fierce, loud and tenacious, she is not one to back down from a challenge.


                 Aditi Parikh: Head

Current editor-in-chief of the JNIS Herald, Aditi embodies efficiency and versatility as proven by her student council and mentor positions. Having received outstanding distinctions at international writing competitions and dishing out articles at an acclaimed organization, Aditi proves to be a force to be reckoned with.


   Saanya Kanwar: GMC Member

Rather than taking centre stage, Saanya prefers to pick up a notebook, pen and camera and draft an article worthy of scrutiny. With a keen interest in literature, history and politics, Saanya has the skills necessary to make her an exceptional journalist.

    Dhvani Parekh: GMC Member

A passionate writer, Dhvani has written for school magazines and won numerous international essay writing competitions. She has a vast MUNning experience, and has received numerous awards including a High Commendation. Committed and responsible, she has a keen interest in exploring the various nuances of journalism.


   Pritha Mukherji: GMC Member

Dedicated and creative, Pritha has participated in numerous MUNs as part of the press committee. She has participated in various essay writing competitions, consequently bagging several medals, including the Best Delegate Award.

      Kehan Shetty: GMC Member

GMC Best Delegate at IYC 2017, Kehan Shetty has an unparalleled knowledge of the intricacies of politics and international relations. He has attended numerous courses on journalistic writing and interned at a prestigious newspaper. He personifies the term future revolutionary.

   Ishika Chabria: GMC Member

Creative and dynamic, Ishika Chabria has been a part of several media committees where she has learned the subtleties of journalistic writing. Her expertise in competitive writing has been
proven by her numerous victories in writing competitions.

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