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Secretariat ​


                    Sabahat Naqvi: President
A prominent member of the
MUNning community, he is renowned for his charismatic oratory skills. His relentless passion for debate and global politics were triggered by his first MUN in the 8th grade, and since then he has attended a multitude of MUNs and chaired several others too. IYC 2018 President, Sabahat Naqvi’s extensive history in compèring and leadership positions have made him an unofficial spokesperson for his peers.

Srishti Lohani_President  (1).JPG

                  Srishti Ojha Lohani: President

She is an ambitious and ardent leader and has received awards and commendations at every MUN she has attended. Besides interning with a major national newspaper, she has played the role of an Event Organizer on numerous platforms. She has a keen interest in public speaking,  and has compèred on various occasions while also hosting several open mic events. Opinionated, uninhibited and extremely well-read, IYC 2018 President Srishti Ojha Lohani is a force to be reckoned with.


                    Aryan Kumar: Vice President
Aryan Kumar’s expansive experience in the world of MUNs ensures each delegate an incomparable experience at IYC 2018. Amongst his accolades, his wins at international MUNs and his exceptional victory at the brainstorming camp for social welfare, are the most remarkable.


                        Isha Gupta: Vice President
Independent and confident, Isha Gupta’s exceptional debating skills have pushed her into the competitive world of MUNning. With numerous Best Delegate accolades to her name, she harnesses her past experience of serving as Secretary-General to navigate through the daunting tasks of being the Sub-Admin of IYC 2018.

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