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Conference Schedule

Presidents' Statement

Presidents of IYC

Dear Delegates,


The International Youth Conference is back and this time, it’s bigger and better than ever before. Over the past twelve editions, IYC has committed itself towards analyzing and interpreting the international repercussions of globally relevant policies and agendas.

In a world plagued by the terrors of extremism, distrust and corruption, we encourage you to quarantine the obstacles to international diplomacy, before it is too late. In this simulated conference, delegates will be empowered with the tools of diplomacy at their disposal. Through fruitful debate and pertinent resolutions, we encourage delegates to contribute towards quelling these fiery evils, before they consume your respective nations.

Whether it’s controlling committee in an accelerated time frame, aiding countries in forwarding economic stability, developing measures to increase international security, or even altering the course of history, the International Youth Conference has something to offer to everyone, be it to first time debaters or even established and experienced speakers. Armed with an impeccable executive board and a stellar organizing team, we are confident that this simulated conference will exceed all your expectations.

In a world plummeting into darkness, we expect you to be the rays of light. In a world filled with innumerable crises, we expect you to unearth all the answers. In a world muted by the evils of war, we expect your voice to bring hope to all. So delegates, put your best suit on and your best foot forward, for we, the Presidents of the International Youth Conference 2017, expect nothing but the best from each of you.


Vikram Kishinchandani and Kirtana Ananth,

Presidents of IYC 2017

Jamnabai Narsee International School

"Where world peace is every nation's war"

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