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Vikram Kishinchandani

To begin to describe Vikram Kishinchandani is a daunting task. A national-level debater who will convince you that you were wrong all along, an acclaimed international MUNner who can redefine diplomacy, and a leader who has guided his team even beyond the finishing line, Vikram is synonymous to the ideal IYC President. Bank on this charismatic personality to lead IYC towards attaining perfection.

Kirtana Ananth

Faced with a lack of words, the only way to describe Kirtana Ananth is perfect. An exceptional Bharatnatyam dancer, a charismatic orator, a hard-working student and a remarkable human being, Kirtana more than achieves every IB learner profile. Presenting to you, your IYC President, sure to make IYC the greatest experience of your life with her unprecedented leadership skills and extraordinary personality. 


Shanaya D'sa

When describing Shanaya D’sa, it is prudent to mention the select things which she cannot do, because this uniquely talented individual can make it all possible by herself. A brilliant dancer and singer, and the perfect blend of sweet, sarcastic and savage, your Sub-Admin plans to combine all the aspects of her charismatic, classy and confident self to make IYC an event like no other.

Ishaan Vora

Stylish and poised, Ishaan Vora is the one to make an ever-lasting impression. An avid MUNner who sure knows how to make a point, an enthusiastic student who only aims for the best and a compassionate individual who is determined to make IYC an experience you would never forget, Ishaan Vora, the Sub-Admin is definitely better than any best you expected.

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