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The Group of Fourteen

"In a world of uncertainty,

only the powerful will survive"

Agenda: The resurgence of communism in Central Europe

Letter from the Chair

Greetings Delegate, 
It is said that the best to truly judge someone’s resilience and strength is observing them during his

weakest times and seeing him fight out of it. This is what the executive board wishes to see at the G-14 committee at IYC 2017.


Set in an accelerated time frame, we look at problems beyond the horizon. Unlike others, we discuss and resolve issues, not pertaining to a specific region, but to those that threaten the very existence of our kind.

This study guide is just a starting point for research, and gives a background to the futuristic setting. It is vital that each delegate to read this study guide thoroughly to be able to follow proceedings in committee. This is the most basic, fundamental research that is required by the committee. We recommend each delegate to be aware of their country's foreign policy to the tee and are advised to be well versed with the agenda. In this committee, more than your previous MUNing experience or knowledge regarding international relations, your creativity and ability to think in a crisis will be tested. To survive in committee with such heated debate, you shall need to know how to react and defend your ‘allies’ when problems are thrown in your direction and be ready to leave their side when the time is right.


The Group of 14 is filled with twists and constant crises updates on matters that would not only prove sufficient for debate but also form alliances or give rise to the need to carry out military offensives which can alter the course of the future. 

With armies so large and weapons so deadly, it is upon you to decide: Will you fight and

win, or will you stand back and loose?

Executive Board

Vedant Jaiswal

Vedant Jaiswal stands out, tall and strong, amongst all of us, literally. With a keen interesting in every aspect of MUNning, but especially in proving his point and establishing himself as the alpha in committee, he is the perfect fit to be Chair of the Group of 14. His presence is enough to make his magic work in every room, but his exuberant personality is what sets him apart him from the rest.

Yash Hegde-Borkar

A man of few words, Yash Borkar can create news himself. His unparalleled talent in the theatrical and musical arena merges to form this rhythmic persona. Known for his inspiring rebuttals and war-winning points, his MUNning accomplishments overshadow all others. Creative, bold and daunting, he is without a doubt the perfect Vice Chair for the Group of 14. 

Muskaan Kukreja

Muskaan Kukreja and her charismatic personality throw everyone off guard. However, when arguments surface, her power and persuasion speak louder than the rest. An exceptionally gifted athlete, your Moderator for the Group of 14 exhibits inner sportsmanship by being a tireless worker who demands complete order. Seen dancing to her own tunes, her jolly personality is one of her best traits. 

Ansh Godha

An academic mastermind and a martial arts prodigy with an attraction to rubix cubes, Ansh Godha will leave you completely dumb-founded. Defined by his know-it all poise and hilarious comebacks, he can be deadly when it comes to research, undoubtedly making him ideal for Research and Development Head for Group of 14. Interested in all things HL, Ansh can effortlessly turn right to wrong. 

Natasha Shah

Do not let her gentle, sweet exterior fool you, Natasha Shah casts a shadow ten times her size in the MUNing world. Probably the most knowledgeable person you have ever met, she will stun you with her arguments and ideologies. The G14 Rapporteur sure has a lot to bring to the table with leadership skills and music being her weapons; her voice can end wars and start them as well. 


Country Matrix
Study Guide
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