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  • What am I required to carry for IYC?
    Delegates are permitted to carry their laptops if required, to read any documents but are prohibited from using the internet during committee sessions. Snack, meals and water will be provided at the conference venue.
  • When will IYC be held?
    On the 15th and 16th of September, 2017
  • Where will the conference take place?
    IYC will take place at Hotel Sea Princess on Juhu Taara Road, Mumbai.
  • Who is eligible to participate in IYC?
    Any student studying in Grade 10, 11 or 12 is eligible to participate in IYC
  • Will I get a certificate for attending IYC?
    All delegates will receive participation certificates at the end of the two days of committee sessions. Delegates are required to attend all committee sessions to collect these certificates.
  • What kind of clothes will be appropriate for IYC?
    Western Formal wear( No formal skirts, tight dresses or sleeveless clothes will be permitted)
  • I’m a first time MUNner, can I still participate in IYC?"
    Yes. IYC is the best place to begin your MUNing journey
  • Do double delegations have to pay twice?
    In a double delegation, each delegate has to pay the price of the registration fee.
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