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"Presenting to you delegates,   the beginning of the end"


1. Controlling the spread of Extremist Organisation

2. Global Impact of Proliferation of nuclear weaponry

Letter from the Chair

Dear delegates,

Like a deadly forest fire, like cancer infiltrating a tender body, the purlieus of
terror has augmented across umpteen borders. The unceasing force of extremist
groups has debilitated the sovereignty of not only specific potent nations but also
enervated the foundations and operation of innumerable governments.

Complimenting this incessant rise, the implementation of nuclear weapons has
provoked ill- disposed friction between nations and has established a sense of
antagonism in the world. Delegates from negotiating prudent deals with fellow
countries, to deploying special forces, you have the duty to not only lead your
country, but also the world to defensive stability.


Gear up delegates as the sweltering pressure is relentlessly going to rise with constant crisis updates. With global security in jeopardy, do you have what it takes to rise to the occasion and battle the critical concerns that besiege and plague every nation.

Executive Board

Ishan Rajgarhia

Ishan Rajgarhia, synonymous for the ideal IB student is a national academic topper, a brilliant orator and definitely the most compassionate. Your Chair for the Global Security Council is the one with limitless talents and a hunger for challenges; it is only the best that he aims for and only the best that he ever achieves.

Chaitanya Shah

An excellent MUNner that sure knows how to make himself stand out among the rest, Chaitanya Shah is a legend in himself. Winner at HMC Asia, your Vice Chair of the Global Security Council will stun you with every aspect of his distinct personality. With a pool of knowledge like no other, Chaitanya is sure to make this committee the best yet.

Eesha Jain

Aesthetics and economics being her forte, Eesha Jain is as vibrant, distinct and vivid as her artwork. To add to her canvas of achievements, she is the Moderator for the Global Security Council, and a brilliant one too. Don’t let this shy exterior and cheerful smile fool you though; Eesha sure knows how to be head strong and get her points right across as well. 

Arya Shah

Arya Shah is as smart as they come. Her vast expanse of information about cuisines and communism is an ideal representation of her sweet yet savage personality. Our personal Adele, and your Research and Development Head for the Global Security Council, Arya, with her insatiable thirst for knowledge, is absolutely appropriate for this role. 

Hrishabh Parkeh

Hrishabh Parekh is as witty as they could be. With an eye to spot new challenges, a heart to accept every obstacle and a mind trained to overcome all adversities, your Rapporteur for the Global Security Council is a man of his words. A headstrong and intense MUNner, he is definitely not the one to pick a fight with. 

The Global Security Organisation


Country Matrix
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