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The Group of Twenty

"Where one move can take you from guts to glory"


1. Tax Evasion

2. Immigration Crisis in the Middle East

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,


I am extremely pleased to welcome each and every one of you to the Group of 20 Committee in International Youth Conference 2017. I am honoured to be your Chair, and thus make a promise to all of you, the experience is going to be like none you’ve ever faced before, it will be an exciting and electrifying experience, and that I can promise. Each one in this committee was chosen because they earned their spot in the ring, now you have a battle field laid ahead of you, don’t disappoint. Go ahead and light up the committee, perform and put out a show.


Delegates we now face two grave problems in our current lives, one affecting our country directly, and the other affecting our global community. Our first agenda is the Immigration crises in the Middle East. Immigrants from Middle East now seek asylum and refugee in western countries and their neighbouring countries because of the war going on in their homes, do we decide to show human compassion or is their threat too much for us to handle. The second agenda is Tax Evasion, Billions of Dollars each year are lost from our economies, going into shell companies and off shore banks. But now this black money has become the fragile base of the economies of Tax Havens. Delegates you need to show your expertise and find a way out of this picky situation.


You now act as the sole representative of your country in the face of the G20, Delegates we control the Money and Power of our countries, there is nothing else we need, without our committee there would be no future. Our role as a committee is thus quintessential to the running of our world as a whole. Take a stand, and make a future you’d want to live in.


Delegates we urge you to extend your research further than the study guide.


Delegates, with a highly experienced executive board, you are sure to witness high quality debate in committee. So make sure your research is unbeatable and be effective when you convey your opinion to the committee.


Welcome to the Group of Twenty,


All the best.

Executive Board

Pranay Manghnani

Acclaimed winner at Harvard MUN, Pranay Manghnani's passion for economics and MUNning, makes him the go to person for any and every query. Your chair of the Group of 20 has not only been to numerous MUNS, but chaired enough to distinguish between fact and fiction. With a love for crises but yet a search for quality debate , Pranay delegates with a twist. He's determined on testing your limits of research and responsiveness and exercising his command on words to promise you an enthralling experience. If he seems anything like you, you should come to G20. And if he doesn't, you should come to G20.

Aryaman Gala

Dignified and eloquent, Aryaman Gala is an established MUNner with a gift to kill with his razor-sharp words. An athlete and an assertive public speaker, leadership is not a quality that the ever-charismatic Aryaman lacks. As the Vice Chair of G20, you can reckon that he will leave no stone unturned in the quest for intellectually stimulating debate in the committee. 

Aashna Suvarna

The queen of everything she sets her eyes own, Aashna Suvarna is a strong, independent woman of sheer class. Your Moderator for the Group of 20 has her expectations set high and she does not like being disappointed. With a keen interest in the performing arts, Aashna manages to bring out every aspect of her colorful and vivid personality on and off-stage and you must expect nothing less in committee.

Firaas Rasiwala

With Mathematics, Physics and every other challenge as his forte, Firaas Rasiwala is what you would call an academic prodigy. With knowledge and information spreading way beyond any imaginable limit, the job of the Research and Development Head for the Group of 20 is tantamount to him. His versatile and optimistic personality is sure to reflect in his research and even during committee.

Malvika Sriniwasan

Loquacious, yet logical, Malvika Srinivasan has a penchant for the natural sciences as well as humanities. A multifaceted, multitalented personality Malvika doesn’t fail to entertain with her everlasting stockpile of puns. She is your poised and graceful Rapporteur for the Group of 20 and she is determined to make the committee flow well with the occasional chaos.


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