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The Group of Eight

"Where the only remnants of freedom rise from the ashes of history"

Agenda: Korean Peninsula War

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the Group of Eight at the International

Youth Conference 2017. You are all amongst a handpicked selection of

exceptional debaters and delegates, so gear up for an intense journey through

this committee.

This agenda was meticulously chosen so that we’re able to provide you with

crises you would never even dream of. Due to the historic nature of this year’s

G8 committee, we’ve made this study guide to give you a basic idea of the war

and the direction you need to work in. It also contains the committee mandate, as

well as our rules of procedure, which is different from other committees.

An agreement is expected to be reached at the end of this conference, as we strive

to search for utopia in the realm of reality. We aim to chisel each and every one

of you into critical thinkers and more insightful individuals, as you are

inescapably the future of this world. So, pick up your guides, start your research

and sharpen your wits, because this committee and my proficient executive board

will keep you enthralled and on your toes throughout this debate.

With a highly experienced executive board, you are sure to witness high quality

debate in committee. So, make sure your research is unbeatable and be effective

when you convey your opinion to the committee. I present to you, the executive

board of G8.

Welcome to the Group of Eight

We are ready. Are you?

Executive Board

Dev Jhaveri

Smart, sly and sophisticated, Dev Jhaveri is the most demanding, yet simultaneously, the most entertaining member at IYC. Being the internationally awarded MUNner that he is, the Chair of the Group of 8 sure knows how to run the show like he owns it. However, if you push him to the edge, beware because he is the one who can make you fall off too.

Rashi Watwani

An established MUNner and a confident speaker, Rashi Watwani is the right person to guide the committee towards engaging and stimulating debate. As the Vice Chair of the Group of 8, count on Rashi to keep you thinking on your feet and drive you to make decisions you've never thought of. A perfectionist, over-achiever and certified extrovert, expect nothing less but elegance and charisma to radiate.  

Parth Bhatia

Parth Bhatia, your Moderator for the Group of 8, is one of the most genuine people you will ever come across. Kind-hearted and humorous, Parth sure knows how to make a soft spot for himself. However, don’t let his all-good nature blind you from the truth; he can be vicious and ruthless when in committee, and your absolute enemy shall you try to cross his way.

Paroma Mehta

An ambitious vegan feminist, Paroma Mehta is a firm believer in the fight for social justice. A human rights lawyer in the making, your Head of Research and Development for Group of 8 enjoys discourse on just about anything. She is a curious student with a penchant for literature and history, with organizational skills that will put an archivist to shame.

Janhavi Minocha

Hardworking and vivacious, Janhavi Minocha favours biochemistry and has an unhealthy obsession with Suits. Her interests don’t stop there; with overflowing energy, Janhavi has a flair for athletics of all sorts. Her bubbly nature can brighten even the darkest of rooms and she never fails to turn a monotonous situation into a vibrant one. With Janhavi as the Rapporteur for the Group of 8, there will not be a dull moment in committee.


Country Matrix
Study Guide
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