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Global Media Consortium

"Where your lens is your armor and words your battle-cry"

Letter from the Head

Dear Delegates,

It is my absolute pleasure to bring to you the Global Media Consortium at IYC
2017. I welcome you into a world tainted with hypocrisy and lies, and urge you to
bring in your own shades of diplomacy to it. After all, when crisis strikes and
people are left scavenging for the truth, it is only the press that they turn to.
This year at the Global Media Consortium we have carefully chosen each
photographer to represent a particular country and each journalist to embody the
spirit of a famous news figure. Therefore, this year it is not just about your words
and ideas but about presenting your nation and its media to the world. Your role at
this conference is hence extremely crucial and to allow you to understand the
gravity of this very situation, we have compiled a Study Guide that will hopefully
prepare you well for what is in store. We have tried to give you an overview of
what to expect during the two days of continuous chaos along with providing you a
basis on which to build your research.

So delegates, sharpen your wits, get ready to showcase the supremacy of the press
and possess the ability to control exactly what the world perceives as the truth. The
Global Media Consortium is where the control lies in your creativity and the fate
of nations solely in your words.

With an exemplary team ensuring that the definition of catastrophe is revised, the
Global Media Consortium would be nothing short of a battle where no cover up
stays hidden for long. Presenting to you, your team at the Global Media

Meet the Team

Sanjana Jobalia

Five feet of pure talent, Sanjana Jobalia is an eloquent orator and prolific writer, who enjoys theatre and spoken word poetry. Academically gifted too, your Sub-Head of the Global Media Consortium does not conform to the overburdened IB student stereotype. A rare blend of kind and intimidating, choose your words wisely while conversing with this staunch feminist.

Geetali Gupta

A diligent student, reliable friend and frequent teller of terrible jokes, Geetali Gupta comes with a multitude of talents. A graceful dancer and an exceptional actor, you can recognize your Head of Global Media Consortium through an ever-present smile on her face. However, do not mistake her kindness for naivety; when presented with an argument, she won't spare anyone.

Sanchita Tibrewal

Most short people might go unnoticed, but even in a room full of people Sanchita Tibrewal is guaranteed to catch your attention with her witty remarks. A Bharatnatyam dancer since ten years, your Sub-Head of the Global Media Consortium also loves to play the piano. However, once in a while, don’t be surprised to find her taking aesthetically pleasing photos of everything and anything.

Aanchal Dharmani

A social media influencer, Aanchal Dharmani is a driven and determined individual. With an interest in fashion-blogging and history, she comes armed with a plethora of knowledge spanning over multiple genres. Aanchal is a quirky aspiring journalist, which makes her a valuable asset as a Global Media Consortium member.

Harshita Shriyan

Harshita Shriyan is a fierce advocate of intersectional feminism and mental health awareness. She has a strong inclination towards the liberal arts and accounting and an unparalleled love for South Indian food. With a talent for photography as well as writing, she is an ideal Global Media Consortium member.

Smriti Ghildiyal

Smriti Ghildiyal is a Hamilton-obsessed seventeen-year-old whose experience in journalism at various platforms makes her a perfect Global Media Consortium Member. She is multilingual and enjoys reading and analyzing different forms of literature. Smriti is extremely passionate about social justice and strongly believes in voicing out her opinion.


Country Matrix
Study Guide
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